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October 2005 Trail Rigs

Posted in Features on February 7, 2007 Comment (0)
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October 2005 Trail Rigs
0510 4wd 01 z+1986 toyota sr5+front angle

Pavement Pounder
Jake "Wheelin'" Wills from Rancho Cordova, California, says he built up this '86 Toyota SR5 with his pocketbook in mind. Well, low-budget building has never looked so good.

0510 4wd 02 z+1999 jeep wrangler sport+front

Dedicated Enthusiast
Long-time 4WDSU reader Melvin Jensen and his '99 Jeep Wrangler Sport aren't afraid of getting wet. Living in a climate where Snow falls during the winter months, his Jeep is exposed to both summer- and winter-time 'wheeling. Over the next year he will be starting on the many modifications that will turn his Jeep into a tough four-wheeling machine.

0510 4wd 03 z+1999 toyota tacoma+front angle

Life-Long 'Wheeler
Jason DeMello has been off-roading nearly his entire life. Growing up spending many of his weekends at a family cabin in Joshua Tree National Park is a major reason his hobby has turned into his profession. His '99 Toyota Tacoma has been hammered on most trails you will find throughout Southern California. The rig features a solid front Dana 44 axle conversion turning 4.88 gears, 14-inch coilovers in front, custom three-link rearend using 14-inch race shocks with external reservoirs, and his very own DeMello off-road rock sliders.

0510 4wd 04 z+jeep wagoneer+back angle+two

Desert 'crawlers
David Harrington and friends decided to take on The Falls, one of the tougher trails in Joshua Tree National Park. Both Jeeps navigated successfully through boulder after boulder on a trail that many would cringe at.

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