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Shurhold Industries: Washing, Buffing and Polishing Like a Pro

Bristle Soft Brush
Agustin Jimenez
| Staff Editor
Posted May 18, 2012
Photographers: Jerrod Jones

Testing Shurhold’s Clean-N-Simple System

It's no secret we love getting our trucks dirty at Off Road. Like most wheelers, we drive around with dirt covering our trucks for a few days after hitting the dirt just for kicks. Eventually we come to our senses and realize we need to wash our trucks. Lucky for us, Shurhold Industries sent us a bunch of their products to test out on some of our dirtiest trucks.

Shurhold Industries has some of the best auto care and cleaning products on the market and we were very pleased with the results. They also sent us one of their cool canvas storage bags so we could keep everything we needed together. They even sent us their really cool dual action polisher which had our trucks looking new in no time at all. Although we’re definitely not afraid of getting our trucks dirty, its nice to see we can still keep them looking as good as any show truck.


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