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Four Wheel Drive - Oktober Trail Fest

Posted in Features on March 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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In the four-wheeling world, you go to Clayton, Oklahoma, for one reason - the diversity of trails in the immediate area. This year proved no different at the Fort Worth-Dallas Four-Wheel-Drive Club's (FWD-FWD) Oktober Trailfest.

People came from the surrounding states and even farther out to attend this great event. The local trails aren't the only thing bringing in folks from around the region. This annual run is put on in conjunction with the quarterly Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association meeting. The lack of officers kept this year's meeting a casual affair with very little business discussed. With a few days of organized trails, much more was accomplished in the hills around the town of Clayton.

Everyone meets at the town's rodeo grounds for all trail rides. A newer area is "Green Acres," which is a large tract of land just a few minutes from the rodeo grounds. There is normally an entry fee of $20 per day per vehicle, but this weekend it was open to all registered vehicles for the event. Trails range from the mild, such as the Cakewalk trail, to the wild with loose and rocky hillclimbs, such as Walk in the Park, that have one shot or it's back to the bottom for a second try.

This year's event also marked a return of the classic Clayton trails, referred to as the "Southside Trails," which include favorites like Three-Stage Hill, Rock Creek, and others. For those looking for a great challenging trail that changes after each rain, check out the Snakepit trail. Following a flowing creek, Snakepit is filled with water, large rocks, and yes, even snakes. Each obstacle on the trail could mean high-centering your built TJ or battling traction on slick creek rocks in your buggy.

Not far from the exit of the access road to Snakepit is Upper Powerline. A quick detour puts you on one of the original trails that has been run in some form for years. For good reason, the trail is great for 3-4 level vehicles to fully modified buggies. It's all in the line you choose and how much pucker factor you can put up with.

Overall attendance at Oktober Trailfest has been declining - this year about 80 vehicles attended the run. FWD-FWD also puts on another large annual run over the Memorial Day weekend which often boasts over 200 attendees. The Fort Worth-Dallas Four Wheel Drive Club is a non-profit organization of four-wheel-drive enthusiasts dedicated to the sport of responsible, organized four-wheeling. The club has been in existence for over 25 years, and is one of the largest clubs in the Southwest. Its membership base is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but it has associate and full members across the country. Each year FWD-FWD gives back to the community with volunteer efforts and monetary contributions.


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