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2004 Ford F-150 Prerunner - Solar Eclipse

Posted in Features on November 2, 2006 Comment (0)
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A solar eclipse is a rare thing of compelling beauty, much like this tricked out '04 Ford F-150 4x4 owned by L&G Enterprises of San Dimas, California. Known throughout the Southern California automotive customizing industry as one of the best paint and body shops around, L&G has painted thousands of the Southland's hottest trucks, including OFF-ROAD's Project F-350 Ford, which you will be seeing in future articles, and numerous other vehicles for some of our sister publications like TRUCKIN' and SPORT TRUCK. When the time came for the shop to build its own vehicle, no expense was spared. Working with Ford Motor Company, L&G was awarded a new '04 F-150 SuperCab for customizing. After learning that an identical F-150 was being built in a 2WD configuration, L&G teamed up with that truck's builder, Street Scene Equipment, to create a dynamic duo - L&G on the 4WD and Street Scene Equipment on the 2WD

With L&G's intent to create a useable daily driver that could still romp around the sand dunes of Glamis, the factory suspension was removed and a new 8-inch California Super Trucks coilover setup was installed by Custom Truck Shop in San Dimas, California. As part of the new suspension kit, Sway-A-Way coil springs were wrapped around specially valved, matching shocks. The end result is a front suspension that can be tuned depending upon the intended terrain.

The rear of the truck was lifted with newly arched Atlas leaf springs which make the truck sit level. The rear shocks consist of Sway-A-Way bypass valve units that have been integrated into a custom-designed and fabricated bedcage that allows for maximum shock travel. The bedcage also serves as a spare tire rack and holds the relocated Optima YellowTop battery. Speaking of tires, massive 37x12.50x17 BFGoodrich Baja T/As wrapped around Walker Evans 17x9.5-inch wheels reside at each of the truck's corners.

More than satisfied with the stock 5.4L V-8 powerplant, only a few additions were made to improve the truck's performance, such as the Gibson 3-inch after-cat stainless steel exhaust system.

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With the truck lifted and the performance modifications complete, it came time for the L&G crew to show what it was capable of doing in the paint and body department. The first order of business was to remove the front factory fenders and literally handcraft new flared units from steel, not fiberglass. To accomplish this task, two F-350 Super Duty front fenders were cut, formed, and welded together until the desired 4-inch flare was achieved. From that point on, the fenders were fit and trimmed to ensure adequate clearances for the hood and door openings. To accommodate the new fenders, the front valance of the truck had to be widened. The factory hood was replaced with a new fiberglass unit. The bedsides were also flared 4 inches to complete the prerunner look. The tailgate was removed and the sides of the bed where the tailgate mounting points were located were filled and smoothed.

With the bodywork complete, gallons of House of Kolor Citrus Gold paint were applied via a three-step process. To accent the Citrus Gold paint, the front, rear, and bedcage prerunner bars were painted red. The factory taillights were smoked and the Street Scene mirrors, valance, and wiper cowl were also color-matched.

The interior of the truck is just as impressive as the exterior. The factory bucket seats were replaced with custom-upholstered gray and red carbon-fiber insert Cerullo race seats mounted on custom-made brackets. Deist Safety harnesses keep the driver and passengers situated in place. The rear bench seat was upholstered in color-matched fabric as well. Neatly concealed in the bench seat back are the Cerwin-Vega amplifiers that power the audio and video system which was installed by Audio Innovations of Glendora, California. Massive Cerwin-Vega subwoofers are housed in a custom enclosure that the rear bench seat rests on. No less than four Audiovox video monitors grace the inside of the truck and are even installed inside the vehicle's suicide doors. A full rollcage was installed as well as custom, red, carbon-fiber dash and door panel inserts by Dynasty Dash. A GPS unit guides the truck from show to show.

Built in a record two months and featured at numerous shows, including the industry giant, SEMA, in Las Vegas, Nevada, this truly one-of-a-kind rig from L&G Enterprises eclipses the competition.

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Year/Make/Model: '04 Ford F-150 4x4 Super Cab
Owner/Hometown: L&G Enterprises/San Dimas, California

Engine 5.4L Ford SOHC 24-valve V-8

Suspension: 8-inch CST System w/Atlas springs (rear)

Shocks: Coilover Sway-A-Way (front)Bypass Sway-A-Way (rear)

Tires/Wheels 37x12.50x17 BFGoodrichBaja T/As7x9.5-inch Walker Evans Racing

Other Modifications: Custom interior; Audiovox monitors; custom-fabricated prerunner bumpers and bedcage; Cerullo race seats; Deist Safety five-point harnesses; House of Kolor paint; Street Scene Equipment valance, mirrors, and wiper cowl; six Lightforce 240 Blitz 9.5-inch HID off-road.


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