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2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Rock Fink

On Rocks
Jordan May | Writer
Posted October 11, 2006
Photographers: Christian Lee

Superlift's Bodyguard

There is no way you can miss Bret's Jeep coming down the trail. The dedication paint scheme is something to behold. Bret and Superlift turned to Joey Hutson Artistry to lay the paint for the Rock Fink artwork, and it came out beautiful. The original oil painting hangs in Bret's office to this day.

Owner Bret Lovett of West Monroe, Louisiana, and Superlift wanted to create a vehicle that would honor the legendary Ed Roth, the hot-rodding innovator and cartoonist who created Rat Fink, Mouldy Marvin, and many other icons of automobile culture.

They got in touch with Roth and, just days before he unfortunately passed away, he sent them some proofs from his collection so they could get the new project artwork under way. This vehicle was meant to honor "Big Daddy" Roth for being the great inspiration he was to so many people.

Don't think for a moment that just because this rig has a custom paintjob it can't wheel with the best of them. Bret's rig was built with a great suspension system and more than enough power under the hood. Combined with several other top-notch aftermarket components, this Jeep thrives on the toughest of obstacles: As you can see, it made short work of the trails at the Superlift Off-Road Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Bret has been turning wrenches and wheeling since before he was old enough to be behind the wheel. He's one of those guys who has gasoline pumping through his veins and plans his life around the next weekend climbing his favorite trail -- and Rock Fink is just the rig to get him there.


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