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Four Wheeling - Trail Friends - 4Word

Posted in Features on December 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Along the trail I have gathered quite a collection of good friends. And why not? I am a respectful, likable, goofy guy. There really isn't much that offends me. My theory is that a thick hide helps you make it through life with a lot less stress. I may be a little quiet, but that's only because I am usually stressed and tired due to burning the midnight oil trying to meet a crazy production deadline.

Being the editor here at 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility MAGAZINE I have met some phenomenal people, many of whom I consider good friends. The people I've met come from all walks of life and every part of the country. Quite a few of them are owners of and workers at aftermarket manufacturers, people I have met on the trail, average working Joes, and editors of other magazines. Throw them in with the mix of longtime friends outside the business, and I feel like a really lucky guy.

It is human nature that people are drawn together by common interests, but each and every event or shop I visit I see a unique and phenomenal bond among four-wheelers. I think it has something to do with the wholesomeness of Jeeps and other 4x4s combined with adventure. You always hear the stories about people needing help and being completely ignored in big-city life. It leaves a guy like me with a good feeling to see people stop in the middle of their adventure to help another enthusiast on the trail.

Each month when I write my editorial, I contemplate the idea that I should be writing about the latest technological advancements in automotive technology, where our sport is headed, or an in-depth review of the financial status of the largest auto manufacturer. Some months I may skim the surface of those topics, but I really prefer to keep the thoughts I share with you, my friends, lighthearted and casual (with the exception of my occasional rant about respect and proper land usage). For most of us, four-wheeling and automotive tech is an escape from all the day-to-day crap and drudgery - why fill it with stress and drama? If you want that type of entertainment you can always find it on mainstream news outlets and the Internet. Let's keep four-wheeling a fun and friendly sport.Happy Trails,Kevin


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