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1997 Ford Ranger - Chasing a Dream

Posted in Features on October 24, 2006 Comment (0)
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For the past two years, Chad Leising has been chasing his dream of owning a vehicle that would both rule the desert and exemplify the new generation of off-road lifestyle. Chad tells us, "I feel as if the off-road community is changing from a few guys camping with their friends to an entire lifestyle in the dirt. The vehicles are changing too, from the old-school, beat-up, 20-year-old trucks to caged trucks built with Baja - and with style - in mind."

When Chad purchased this '97 Ford Ranger, it was not a complete vehicle. He purchased just the cab and frame and delivered it to JB Motorsports of Oceanside, California. Unfortunately, JB Motorsports has recently closed its doors so we could not contact anybody there for further technical information. The early morning sun on the Barstow racecourse really makes the Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic paint typically found on the '06 lineup of Corvettes pop off the page. Epic Audio of Oceanside, California, was responsible for laying down the color.

If you follow the pages of OFF-ROAD, you will recognize that Chad echoes a theme to which we have often referred: Enthusiast owners are spending much more time and money these days building quality, show-winning vehicles that also perform as if they were born on a sand dune.

In the Oct. '06 issue of Off-Road, we featured Travis Siflinger's Ford Explorer and wrote about Siflinger's company, Dirt Alliance (DA), and its mission of promoting off-roading as a lifestyle, similar to the lifestyles associated with sports like skateboarding and surfing. Once Chad got wind of what was happening with DA, he knew he had found a kindred spirit. Chad got a hold of Travis and shortly thereafter he became the newest addition to the DA team of vehicles.

If you're looking to check out one of the DA team vehicles in action, look for the biggest launch pad at your local racecourse or sand dune and without a doubt you'll see DA's logo shooting through the air.

At the end of our day in the dirt with Chad, he assured us that this wouldn't be the last vehicle out of his garage to be featured in a magazine. While he still has a few more things planned for this Ford, that isn't stopping him from plotting his next dirt desire.

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