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332 X U Joint

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Yes, a Dana 60 front axle can sometimes be found in a wrecking yard. When you find it, will it be the correct width? Will it have the differential on the same side as your existing transfer case? Will it have the superior ground clearance and ring-and-pinion strength offered by using a high-pinion centersection? Finally, will it be in good, usable shape, or will it need a complete rebuild? All of the above questions were circumvented by using a custom-built Dynatrac Dana 60 in the front, complete with a high-pinion centersection. The 332-x U-joints are above and beyond the task of all but the most extreme four-wheeling situations, and are part of the reason this Dynatrac axle is a primo plug-and-play component. Internals include a Detroit Locker, 35-spline stub shafts, and Warn locking hubs.