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Np205 Transfercase

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We looked up the word "bulletproof" in the dictionary and found an NP205 pictured next to it. Not really, but the geardriven 205 is ultratough and can be found in many different 4x4s. The 205's weak spot has always been that the anemic 1.96:1 Low range isn't low enough to conquer today's creepy-crawly trails. Enter the JB Conversions LoMax 205. The LoMax drops the Low range to 3:1, allowing 205 owners to enjoy the best of both worlds: NP205 durability and rocky trail crawl-ability. Three to one may not sound huge, but imagine dropping your ring-and-pinions from 3.72 to 5.58. Changing the Low-range ratio wasn't just a matter of machining a new set of Low-range gears: the 205's dimensions necessitated manufacturing a whole new case to house the 3:1 gears. The proof was in the steep, rocky Moab pudding: We watched as the LoMax let John's Chevy idle upward on a high-pucker-factor ascent, easy as you please.