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2008 Ford Super Duty - First Look

Left Rear
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted March 1, 2007
Photographers: Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Ford's Heavy Hitter Ups The Ante

It's hard to believe that the F-series Super Duty has been around for nearly a decade. Introduced for the '99 model year, the Super Duty quickly captured a wide fanbase that recognized its prowess as a hauler, tow rig, and recreational dirt machine. For the '08 model year, the Blue Oval brain trust wisely chose not to redefine the SD. Instead, the menu included several servings of refinements, along with a dash of revamping. Owner surveys have revealed that the vast majority of Super Duty owners use their trucks for one thing: towing. As such, most of the '08 SD's updates have been geared in that direction, starting with a new 6.4-liter sequential turbo Power Stroke diesel V8. Those who plan to use their Super Duty as a play rig won't be disappointed either, since the same 6.4-liter sequential turbo Power Stroke that works so well towing a trailer on the road easily motivates the truck in the dirt. Ford's heavy hitter has come out of the gate swinging. The competition had better step up or stand clear.