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Casey Currie Interview & Feature - CORR Conquest

Action Shot
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted April 19, 2007
Photographers: Collette Blumer, Casey Currie

Casey Currie and His Pro Lite Weapon

Young gun Casey Currie has visited just about every corner of the off-road world. He's gone fast: Casey has spent time sharing driving duties with his father Ray behind the wheel of their bright yellow JeepSpeed Cherokee. He's assaulted the Glamis dunes in a sandrail and raced pro Supermoto on a lime green Kawasaki KXF. He's gone slow, too, as a rockcrawling competition spotter for Kevin Hawkins. "I have a well-rounded background in the off-road world," he comments.

Although Casey has spent lots of time in the wide-open desert, his most recent focus turned toward the closed courses of Championship Off Road Racing (CORR). As a driver for Art Schmitt Racing, Casey has campaigned in CORR's Pro Lite division behind the wheel of a Nissan Frontier. His varied off-road background gives him a unique perspective. "In short-course, there's no excuse for a bad race or a bad move. If you make a mistake, you don't have time to make up for it. Desert racing is all about endurance, and there's no aspect of endurance in CORR."


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Driving in both the desert and on CORR's closed courses has also hammered home the demanding, precise nature of short-course driving. "Any CORR racer could go out and win a desert race. Most desert drivers, with the exception of guys like Jerry Whelchel, couldn't go out and win a CORR race."

Strong words? Absolutely, but they're spoken by someone who's seen both ends of the racing spectrum. Casey has found a way to carry over his racing credentials into the business spectrum. In addition to running a full CORR schedule, he owns two businesses. The first, Active Motosport, is a purveyor of accessories and performance parts for dirt bikes, street bikes, quads, and UTVs. The second, Moto 247, is "a social networking website for moto sports fanatics."


Currie Enterprises
Moto 247
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