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4x4 Questions & Answers - 4x Forum

Christian Lee | Writer
Posted May 4, 2007

Inflating Tires in 2.37 Seconds?
Correction: I was just reading an article in the May '07 issue of 4WD&SU about the new Warn winch with the built-in air compressor ("PowerPlant Dual Force HP"). The article states, in a photo caption, that the air compressor will inflate a 35-inch tire from 5 to 32 psi in 2.37 seconds. Wow! Sign me up for one of those, please! I've been airing up tires on the trail for quite a few years with every type of air compressor you could imagine, and 2.37 seconds not only sets a record for trail inflating, but possibly a Guinness record too. Perhaps the article meant to state 2 minutes and 37 seconds (just a guess on my part). As always though, you guys put together a great magazine, and I look forward to each issue. Locating typos is more fun than finding the GeoStash coordinates. Keep up the good work.

Tom Gaydos
Thompson Falls, MT

A: Tom, we're glad you're enjoying the 4WD&SU typo game. Though we do our best to offer the most complete and accurate information, sometimes a mistake or two gets by us. You are correct that the text displaying the 5-to-32-psi inflation time for a 35-inch tire should have read 2 minutes, 37 seconds, not 2.37 seconds. Even still, we were quite impressed with the abilities of the Warn PowerPlant Dual Force winch system. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. Wheel on.

Pro Comp Steel Wheels
Q: After reading the article "Grand Plan" in the Apr. '07 issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine, I looked up Pro Comp's website and found no way to contact the company. I also tried to find Pro Comp at without success. I'd like more info on the company's line of steel wheels mentioned in the article. Can you provide me with a phone number or e-mail address?

John McConnehey
via e-mail

A: John, a new website for the Pro Comp Rock Crawler Xtreme steel wheels is under way, and you should be able to access it through the Pro Comp Tire & Wheel Co. ( website by the time you're reading this. Pro Comp does not sell directly to the public; rather, its tires and wheels are available through such parts houses as 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers and 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, to name a few. Either of these companies can offer more detailed information about the Pro Comp wheels you're interested in. Thanks for reading.

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