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Class 8 Ford Baja Race Truck - Standard Of Excellence

Left Rear Angle
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted May 17, 2007

We Defy You To Find (Or Build) A Nicer 8 Truck

"We dare you" just wasn't strong enough. After checking out this truck from multiple angles, we concluded that it's gonna take a lot of doing to eclipse what C&D Fabworks and Towery Off-Road Racing have teamed to create.

The demarcation line setting this truck apart is drawn squarely down the middle of the details. To be sure, primo parts were selected and utilized for this build, but the thoughtful design and overall build quality were what pushed our challenge from "dare" to "defy."

Moment of truth: Chris sits shotgun as Matt prepares to give his new F-150 its first taste of Mojave dirt. Danny (blue shirt, at right) does a last-minute inspection before the send-off. Chris Wrublevski and Danny Guernsey put their absolute best feet forward on this build. "We wanted to show what we can do," Chris tells us. "We took everything we knew how to do and put it into this truck." The hood says it all: Ford. Built C&D Tough.

A bit of history is in order. This isn't Matt Towery's first F-150, or his first season of desert racing. Matt kicked things off at the '86 Baja 1000, driving a '79 F-150 in the Safari Class. Instead of crossing the finish line that year, he spent the night waiting for his chase crew after his truck broke down. Undaunted, he showed up on the '87 Baja 1000 starting line to try again. He succeeded, beating not only the course, but 36 other Safari class competitors. Sixth out of 42 felt good - good enough to spur him on to the '88 Baja 1000, this time lining up with the big boys of Class 8. That race ended early for Matt, with a rollover in the pine forest. Matt held on to his '79 F-150 until 1991, taking a Class 8 win in the La Rana High Desert 250. He then sold the '79 and concentrated on building his business and raising his two sons, Dan and Dave. Several seasons of desert racing have a nearly universal effect: They infuse dirt permanently into your bloodstream.

The dirt running through Matt's veins bubbled to the surface again in 2002 as he sat watching the Baja 1000 on TV. It was impossible to contain his enthusiasm as he longingly recalled his previous racing career. "You want to do that again, don't you?" asked his new bride, Kassy.

"Yes, I do!"

That was all it took. With Kassy's thumbs-up and encouragement from Dan and Dave, Matt went shopping for another F-150.

Baja Brokers' Rich Minga found Matt a race-ready Class 8 F-150 in Colorado, owned by Andy Schifanelli. Matt paid Andy a visit. A deal was struck, and an exchange was made. After more than a decade away from racing's arena, Matt was back behind the wheel of a race-tuned F-150.


C&D Fabworks
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