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Travel Notes - Off Road Trucks

Posted in Features on June 15, 2007
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Have you ever wanted to go on the ultimate adventure. Now, we're not talking about setting up for a weekend of fun with your buddies. Oh no. Try a 22,000-mile-long trek across the Americas in a Land Rover Defender. In 2002, author Christoph Bangert set out from Dortmund, Germany, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a six-month journey that would take him over two continents, across the borders of our teen countries, through numerous mountain ranges and over countless bodies of water, and finally to his new home in Brooklyn, New York.

Travel Notes documents Bangert's travels through the political upheaval in Argentina's capital, across the seemingly endless landscapes of Patagonia, spending freezing nights at he southern-most tip of the Americas in Tierra del Fuego, and climbing the snowcapped Andes. The book keeps readers feeling as if they are by his side as he almost drowns himself inside his Land Rover while crossing Lake Titikaka n a wooden barge and as he stands breathless in front of the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Bangert also visits every country in Central America, discovering great poverty and equal amount of beauty. While traveling through Mexico, he finds himself deep in Aztec ruins with American tourists, sharing stories and images. As he enters the United States, the author experiences the shock of reentry into a developed economy and the majesty of the country's vast landscape.

The book, which is mostly images, contains phenomenal photography of both people and places. One of the main reasons we loved this book is its premise of one man making rip with only a camera, vehicle, a few supplies, and a wholelot of guts and perseverance. Now if that isn't an adventure,we don't know what is.

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To purchase a copy of Travel Notes, contact powerHouse Books at (212) 604-9074 or

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