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2001 Toyota Tundra - Trail Worthy Tundra

Front View
Harry Wagner | Writer
Posted October 1, 2007

A Fullsize Toyota That Wheels With Mini-Trucks

For whatever reason, Toyota Tundras are an uncommon sight on the trail. These trucks aren't any larger than late-model Land Cruisers though, and they use much of the same running gear as other Toyotas found on trails all over the country. This has often left us scratching our collective heads, but Joe Jovonovich has built a Tundra that finally illustrates what these vehicles are capable of when they are modified with the right equipment.

Jovonovich started with a fully loaded '01 Limited Edition Access Cab Tundra. The 4.7L V8 and four-speed automatic transmission were retained, as they provide a great balance between power, weight, and the reliability that Toyota is famous for. The stock transfer case was replaced with a Marlin Crawler dual transfer-case setup that uses a geardriven reduction box mated to a chaindrive Tacoma transfer case. This is the first dual transfer-case configuration ever fitted under a Tundra. The 128-inch wheelbase accommodates the added drivetrain length without a problem, and the 4.7:1 gears in the reduction box result in a crawl ratio of 308:1 in compound Low range.

From the rear transfer case, power is routed to a high-pinion Dana 44 front axle and the factory rear Toyota 8.4-inch axle. The front axle was sourced from a '76 Ford F-150 and filled with 4.56 Yukon gears, an ARB Air Locker, Warn chrome-moly axleshafts, CTM U-joints, and Warn hubs before it was slung under the front of the Tundra. The rear axle uses stock shafts in conjunction with a matching set of 4.56 Yukon gears and an ARB Air Locker. These axles spin 35-inch BFGoodrich Krawlers mounted on 15x8 TrailReady beadlock rims. The sticky BFGs are turned by a high-steer setup using 4x4 Trucksmith steering arms, a Redneck Ram hydraulic assist, a Toyota mini-truck steering box, and a Howe reservoir and filter cooled by a remote Setrab cooler.


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