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2005 Ford Ranger - Short Cut to the Dirt

Front View
Kevin Blumer | Writer
Posted August 1, 2007

Unobtanium Not Required

If there's one thing that's obnoxious, it's armchair quarterbacks. Full of wisdom, these guys sit back in easy chairs doing 12-ounce curls while yelling at the players flailing about on the small screen. Take this same squad onto the gridiron, and most of them won't be able to competently finish a single play. It's a classic case of theory clashing with reality. Off-roaders aren't immune to the armchair quarterback syndrome.

Most of us have glorious visions of super-wazoo, triple-throwdown trucks in our heads, but we're hard-pressed to get our ber-trucks out of the garage and into the dirt. Theory clashes with reality once again. Tim Coltey found the demarcation line between theory and reality and decided he wanted to have a dirt-worthy truck sooner rather than later. Beginning with a showroom-new, bone-stock '05 Ford Ranger Edge, Tim found and purchased key bolt-on parts that combine to make a dirt-worthy truck that's still fully functional as a daily driver and dirt-bike hauler. Build time was measured in months, not years.

As I type, my mind floats over to Project TrailRunner, the '92 Ranger 4x4 that's being slowly transformed into my best rendition of a super-wazoo, triple-throwdown ber-truck. I drove Project TrailRunner under its own power into the same place it's occupied since the fall of '04. "Yeah, this will take about a year," I mused at the time. Pathetic. Progress is being made, but right now my someday ber-truck has an empty engine bay and no front suspension underneath. Want a shortcut to the dirt? Do some smart shopping and go the bolt-on route. The off-road idealists will be poring over tools and metal while you'll be poring over a map, trying to decide where your next adventure will take you. Unobtanium not required.


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