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New Off Road Products - Towing Buyer's Guide

Precision Gear
James J. Weber | Writer
Posted November 1, 2007

The Latest Towing Products

This month, we highlight some of the numerous products aimed at making your towing experiences easier, faster, and less stressful. Whether you're hauling a four-wheeler, a fifth-wheel, or a boat, products such as cooling fans, limited-slip differentials, and trailer-hitch items are all accessories that can help make your trip a successful one.

Power-Lok limited-slip differentials have been designed for either the Dana 44 or Dana 60. Each model features two-piece case construction with four pinion-mate spider gears that provide for more than double the strength and 75-percent more traction than conventional open-type differentials. Each diff is fitted with all-steel clutch plates and unique torque-applying cross-shafts for positive action and long life. By utilizing positive engagement forces without the typical push and pull characteristics of an air locker, maximum traction is delivered to both wheels when you just need to get that trailer or fifth-wheel moving.

For more information, contact: Precision Gear, (734) 946-0524,

The newly released Banks Bullet diesel tuner is a true multipurpose performance upgrade for '01-'04 Duramax LB7, '03-'07 Cummins, and '03-'07 Power Stroke diesel trucks. The compact 2-inch device contains three power modes - Stock, Tow, and Sport - for instant, on-the-fly adjustments. Additionally, the tuner serves as a digital boost gauge, EGT gauge (requires the optional thermocoupler), and fueling-percentage gauge.

Depending on the power mode selected, the Banks Bullet adds 60 to 100 rear-wheel horsepower. Best of all, this tuner is easy to install and has been designed to fit seamlessly with any applicable vehicle's electronic system.

For more information, contact: Gale Banks Engineering, (866) 438-7693,

The Hell-Ya Productions Hitch Helper Dually provides an additional 1,800 pounds of tongue-weight capacity while helping to eliminate trailer hopping and weaving. Designed to fit inside any 2-inch receiver hitch, the Hitch Helper Dually contains dual coil springs and dual six-ply C-rated tires. Being fully adjustable, the unit will work with any trailer and tow vehicle configuration. Each unit is powdercoated to resist corrosion and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

For more information, contact: Hell-Ya Productions, (877) 851-0096,

Anyone who has ever had to tow a large trailer up a grade can appreciate having one of these units. With the ability to shift under full throttle between each gear with the motor only dropping to half the rpm it normally would, an overdrive unit is a towing must-have. On the highway, the units convert to overdrives, making 4.10 gears behave like 3.20 gears or 3.55 gears behave like 2.77 gears. Installation couldn't be any easier as the units bolt directly to the stock transmissions of some of today's most popular trucks, regardless of whether they are automatic or manual models, and all without requiring any additional modifications.

For more information, contact: Gear Vendors, (800) 999-9555,

Flex-a-lite's new '94-'02 Dodge Cummins diesel fan kit features dual 15-inch electric fans that move an impressive 5,500 cubic feet of air per second and are encased in a brushed aluminum shroud. Each kit features a Variable Speed Control (VSC) unit which can be adjusted from 60 to 100 percent, depending on conditions. Aside from the improved torque, a 6-percent fuel-mileage increase, and quicker cooling response, dyno tests show an additional 27 hp at the rear wheels.

For more information, contact: Flex-a-lite Consolidated, (800) 851-1510,

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