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Rancho 44044 Leaf Springs

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The independent front suspension was removed and replaced with Rancho 44044 leaf springs on custom-fabricated hangers. Rancho 5012 shocks were hung from tubular shock mounts to complement the leaf springs and their additional articulation. Hallenbeck hung a full-width 3/4-ton Dana 44 axle from the leaf springs and fitted the axle with an ARB Air Locker, 5.89 Yukon gears, MileMarker hubs, and a custom diff cover. The U-joint caps are tack-welded to the stock Spicer axleshafts to keep from spitting them out when the Krawlers are bound up in the rocks. The stock steering box was attached to the front axle using a custom drag link that mounts between the factory pitman arm and a steering arm bolted on top of the passenger-side knuckle. The tie rod is located in the stock position, but it was constructed from 1-1/2-inch, 0.250-wall tubing to stand up to rock abuse.