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Mcneil Off Road Suspension Kit

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The heart of the buildup is the McNeil Off-Road long-travel front suspension kit. Chad McNeil has put hundreds of Baja miles on his own long-travel Dana 35 Twin-Traction Beam (TTB) front end and used his racing experience to develop what he fabricates and sells to the rest of us. The housings have been extended 4 inches per side and have received substantial gusseting. Extended radius arms pivot on big-boy 1.25-inch rod ends. Custom radius-arm pivot brackets bolt to the frame, and a custom dimple-died tranny crossmember gives the drivetrain a place to perch while tying the pivot brackets together. Not shown but included with the kit is a custom-length axleshaft and extended tie rods. This kit is capable of 20 inches of real-world travel when used with a McNeil Off-Road crossover steering kit. Using the stock steering linkage and extended tie rods limits the travel just a bit to 17 inches. This kit is designed to conform to Score track-width requirements and only requires one custom axleshaft.