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April 2008 Off-Road Unloaded - Letters

Posted in Features on April 1, 2008
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I have been reading Off-ROad magazine for the last year. I have always been into riding dirt bikes, off-roading trucks, cars, or whatever can mob. I am 17 and will be 18 and getting my license soon. I recently bought an '86 chevy S-10. I know there isn't very much available for S-10s, let alone an '86, but if you guys could tell me anything that might be possible for making this thing cool, I would really appreciate it. I really like chevys and Toyotas, and I like the way my truck looks even if it is just a piece of junk with somewhat new white paint.

Ryan Brown, Camarillo, California

Unfortunately, you're correct, Ryan. There aren't many off-road components out there for your '86 S-10, but that's still a cool truck. you could go a couple different routes: you can drop a ton of money on totally custom stuff, or you could plan and think smart to save yourself money by using equipment already available.

Fabtech motorsports has a suspension that'll fit your S-10, and you could swap in a newer 4.3-liter engine from a later-model S-10 Blazer or truck for more power and reliability. you can probably find a ford 9-inch axle from an old Bronco that would be the correct width for your ride, and you might be able to get away with just putting the spring perches in the right place and changing to the correct lug pattern for your S-10.

Whatever you do, good luck, and send us pics when you're done.

Hi! I'm looking for contact info for sponsorship for my off-road racing team that I'm forming. Thanks for your time.

Shane Ramirez, California

Wow, Shane, you're asking for something that companies hear requests for almost every day. you're going to need to make a plan and portfolio, showing the off-road race truck you are intending to get sponsorship for, what races you'll be in, why the potential sponsor should back you, plus what benefit your potential sponsor will see from sponsoring you. Try to make it very clear, very specific in what you are asking for, and what the company will get in return, and try to keep it as short as possible. don't forget to give them every possible way that they can contact you. It'll take a lot to stand out from all the other guys looking for sponsorships, but if you have a good presentation to give to the potential sponsor, you'll have a better chance of getting them to sign on.

In your January issue of the mag, you did a dodge suspension test and used three of the more elitist kits on the market. I am a proud dodge owner and was very excited to see the story, but it didn't make any sense to use trucks with different wheels and tires on them. I looked up some stuff on the Internet, and it looks like these are also different levels of kits from the three manufacturers. To be truly equal, the three trucks needed to have the same levels of kits and the same wheels and tires. Still liked the article, though. Thanks.

I'd also just like to point out that I don't know why I would spend the money on any of these kits instead of just buying a Superlift kit or something for under a grand.

Rick Hanna, Phoenix, Arizona

Rick, we agree with you. To be a truly equal and fair test, the kits needed to be of the same levels, and all three trucks needed to have the exact same tires and wheels on them. This actually wasn't done by us at all. The owners of these three trucks took the initiative to put this test together and write the story for it. and I gotta tell you, I think they did a pretty good job considering they didn't have the resources to make sure all three trucks were wearing matching tires and levels of kits.

I've wanted to do a story like this myself for some time, and I believe that the story was still very beneficial for solid-axle dodge owners.

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