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Wheel Tire

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Dan wanted to use beadlocked wheels, and he wanted them on the cheap. Seventeen-inch Cragar steel wheels and Great Lakes Off-Road DIY beadlock rings fit the bill. The DIY kit is for steel wheels only and does not require the outer lip of the wheel to be removed. The inner beadlock ring is laid inside the wheel's outer lip and welded in place. The outer ring then bolts to the inner ring in the same manner as all other beadlocks. Thirty-five bolts hold the outer bead in place. If there's a disadvantage to this system, it's that the tires' outer beads do not have as positive a surface to cling to compared to most other beadlock systems on the market. This can lead to leaky tires, so Dan smeared the beadlocks and outer tire beads with plastic roofing cement to seal the system. So far so good. Air pressure does not seem to decrease any faster than with a traditional wheel-and-tire setup. When the time comes, Dan will probably have to cut the tires off of the wheels with a knife.