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Chevy Ls2 Motor

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Now come the big smiles - what's under the hood, or in this case, what's out back. Michael called up the guys at Turn Key Engine Supply of Oceanside, California, and had a Chevy LS2 motor installed complete with Kenne Bell supercharger - the same motor you may find in an '06 Chevrolet Corvette. On regular gas, the motor will put out 680 hp, but if race gas can be had, it can achieve a whopping 720 hp. Estimated torque reaches 680 lb-ft. A few of the engine components include a stock crank, LS6 cam, forged JE Pistons 9.0:1 compression pistons, and forged Manley H-beam rods. The engine has been bored out to 101.6 by 92 millimeters. The supercharger model is the Kenne Bell 2.6L Twin Screw. Other modifications include Turn Key Engine Supply's 8-Rib Serpentine Accessory Drive.