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G&R Racing's Prerunners - Pair Of Pugilists

Jordan May | Writer
Posted December 1, 2007

G&R Racing's Prerunners

Although fairly new to desert racing, the team of G&R Racing has taken it on full steam. They launched into racing SCORE and BITD races with not just one Trophy Truck but a pair. Behind the wheel of the trucks you will find Ron Whitton and Garron Cadiente. It takes a lot to be successful in places like Baja, which means you must have a wealth of support from teammates, prerunners and support vehicles. We spent some time testing with the team in Primm, Nevada and learned they are not only serious about winning, but are also average off-road enthusiasts like the rest of us, just looking for some fun.

Ron Whitton is a fourth generation Arizona native that was literally born in the desert. As an entrepreneur and a father of seven, Ron's off-road racing is a great way for him to spend time with his family. His entire family is involved with the team. His son Ron Jr., his wife, and his daughter Lorrisa are the team cooks. His grandson Chas Dana is also part of his chase crew.

Through the '60s and '70s Ron spent countless days off-roading the Arizona deserts with his Jeep. This passion for outdoors eventually turned into the creation of G&R Racing. Most of us slow down as we get older, but Ron just kept getting faster.

2006 was technically Ron's rookie season behind the wheel of his #39 Trophy Truck and he was able to capture some respectable finishes. On top of that list was an outstanding 3rd place at the Score Baja 1000. This quickly landed Ron the title of "The fastest grandpa in the desert".

Garron Cadiente arrived to the professional desert racing scene in the fall of 2005. By the end of his 2006 season, Garron had captured three off-road racing titles and was a solid force to be reckoned with. His most significant title so far was capturing the 1st place victory at 2006 BITD Terrible's Town 400 race.

During the 2006 SCORE racing season, Garron was named "Rookie of the Year" for his solid performances. His passion for racing began many years earlier, driving sand rails through the Glamis dunes and motorcycling across countless open deserts. Racing officially crept into his veins when he won first place in his class during the 2005 MDR Barstow race in a dual-purpose buggy.

Garron quickly became addicted to the speed and power of a Trophy Truck throughout 2005. Unfortunately, during the Nevada 1000 race he suffered a harrowing experience, crashing and rolling his truck five times at over 100 mph. Like a true champion, his injuries did not stop him from coming back in 2006, recovered and ready to win. Starting off his 2006 season Garron captured back to back victories beginning with the SCORE San Felipe 250.


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