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January 2009 Off-Road Rant - Editorial

Posted in Features on January 1, 2009
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Man, we just got back from Pismo Dunes and it was probably the best trip of the year for me. I am so glad we went, but we really had to bust ass to afford the days off. I'm sure it's probably about the same for you when trying to pack up your ride and head out for the weekend: you rush and rush and rush for the entire week before your trip so you can get everything finished up at work, on your truck, and in your life. And then you haul as fast as you can into the mountains or out to the desert to try to have as long of a weekend as possible. I remember thinking to myself about halfway through the workweek at 3 a.m., "It's just not worth it. I'm cancelling the trip." But then I came to my senses and realized that there is no choice but to make the impossible happen because come hell or high water, we were making this trip! And wow, did our weekend getaway pay off!

My notorious publisher, Jeff Dahlin, and I schemed for months about how we wanted to do it. And we came up with a simple plan to really not do anything and instead just mandate two requirements to come out camping with us: 1) You had to like us; and 2) You had to be blasting heavy metal for the entire weekend.

It sounded like the perfect plan to us. We partied, played on the beach, blasted heavy metal (sorry to the campsite next to us), buried a sales guy in the sand, and rallied our trucks and side-x-sides through the sand dunes all weekend. And believe it or not, we only broke our Tundra and one RZR this trip. Coincidentally, both had CV shaft issues that we will soon address.

I wish we had coverage to show you this month, but this issue is already well past due and this editorial is the last thing to make it in. But check out February 2009's OFF-ROAD to see all the fun you can have with some buddies out in the sand dunes for the weekend. And next year we want to see you in Pismo (Oceano) Sand Dunes with us. This year we made the trip completely unofficial, but next year we're checking into some permits and we'd love to see all of you guys (and girls) the second weekend in September. We'll have more details in upcoming issues, but as long as we can get the permits to let us, we're thinking we'd like to set up a stage on the beach and get some bands to play, and hire some big honkin' BBQs to cook up the best Central Coast barbeque you could ever taste. Man, I already can't wait! So stay tuned, and keep your eyes out for your official invite to OFF-ROAD's next Heavy Metal Weekend!

We've got a pretty killer fabber's section for you this month! Our man in Arizona, Jay Kopycinski, got some great stories together with the weights and strengths of raw materials that you'd build a truck with. And you really need to check out Miller's new Portable (and super affordable) TIG welding unit.

And you might have noticed that we did something a bit different for the start of 2009: we have four different regional covers for this January's issue, covering the four baddest trucks we ran across in 2008. Check it out. Hopefully you've seen them before in past issues, but we figured we'd touch back upon what made these four beauties really stand out to us.

One more thing: does our logo look a little different this month? It should. We updated it for the first time in a long time. Our art director, Brad Crowder, crafted this beauty. Hope you like it as much as we do.

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