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January 2009 Off-Road Unloaded - Letter to the Editor

Posted in Features on January 1, 2009
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Editor's Note: If you want to say or ask something, email Unloaded at or write: Unloaded, OFF-ROAD Magazine, 2400 E. Katella Ave., Ste. 1100, Anaheim, CA 92806.

Remember, we're giving away swag every month to the author of our favorite letter. Be sure to include your address, so we know where to send your goods.

This month, every one of our letter writers (except this first guy) is getting a DVD copy of The Incredible Hulk coming out on October 21 to Blu-ray and DVD. Thanks for writing in, guys!

Dear Mr. Jones,
You were correct in your October 2008 Rant: you did piss off some people. And I'm sure more than just me. Your self-centered attitude is why dictators are allowed to come to power in the first place. You seem to imply it was okay for a madman to rule with terror, throwing his supposed enemies into wood chippers and gassing women and children. "Just as long as it's not happening to me, the rest of the world is on its own. I just want cheap fuel!"

You also inspired me. After reading your Rant, I closed the magazine, went to write you this, and threw the mag away without going any further. I decided I wouldn't waste my money on this mag anymore and I will donate that money along with the rest I send out.

If more people follow my example, we will help others and run selfish individuals like yourself out of a job (but you would probably just live off my tax money).

(Name withheld because you already know you're a tool)

Please Allow Me To Retort:
I can't even figure you out. In one line you're giving me some whiny left-winged accusation, and in another you're making a stereotypical right-winged accusation of me living off your tax dollars.

In what twisted fantasy did your delusional mind put together that I am backing terrorism and think that it's okay to harm innocents? It's too bad you threw away your copy because I think you need to go back and re-read it and find something I said that could be implied as selfish. Was it perhaps that I asked everyone to donate half of their stimulus checks? Or maybe you saw it as selfish when I asked why our news media and society is not paying closer attention to the current events at hand in the Middle East (like our military)? If you read the beginning of that editorial without your crazy goggles on, you'd have noticed that I said that we have some of the cheapest fuel in the world, and that the price of fuel is of little concern to me when compared to the loss of life.

It's your (and my) duty as a U.S. citizen to pay attention to where our military is right now, and show support through to the very end of this current Middle East situation. We need to support our troops as much as ever so they can end these conflicts as quickly as possible. Damn the cheap fuel, and forget the whiners harping on why we got into this in the first place. We are already there, we can't change the past, and now we need to finish what we started.

Without going into some long history, political-science, and current-events lessons for you, I don't really think there's any other way I can help you.

Man, I can't even believe I wasted all that time correcting your horrible punctuation and bad grammar.

I've been a longtime dirt deviant and love the way you're running the magazine. The more desert stuff, the better! I do have a question for you though: Who is the retarded hand model you got hired over there? I mean, does anyone really wear a thumb ring while wrenching on his truck, or anywhere else for that matter?! Anyways, since we started noticing it, we've initiated the Thumb Ring Drinking Game around the camp fire or shop. Everyone busts out their copy of OFF-ROAD, and the last guy to find the thumb ring has to chug his beer. Its great fun; you should try it. Later Sk8R.

Little Joe Muskeggi
via email

Dang, ha ha. I think I just got called out. That's actually my hand and my thumb, Joe. I've had that ring since I was 20, and I'm not even sure it would come off if I tried. I'm sure one day I'll catch it on a fan or something and it'll rip my thumb off (and then I'll be able to get the ring off), but in the meantime, its there to stay. Happy drinking! I'll try to add my thumb into more pictures so you have more excuses....

Help, please! I'm looking to turn my '88 Nissan Hardbody into a prerunner, and I'm not having any luck finding lift kits, fenders, etc. Please help!

Colorado Springs, CO

David, It's great you're starting with a non-maintstream truck. Originality can be very cool. Unfortunately, you're fighting an uphill battle, as there were never many parts built for the Hardbody, and there are even fewer parts still made today. You can find some fiberglass fenders, bedsides, and a hood at Hannemann Fiberglass Inc ( You can find a suspension for your Hardbody through Total Chaos ( that gives new upper and lower A-arms and increases suspension travel to 11 inches. As for motor mods, I'm not really familiar with any big upgrades for them, but I have heard the hot swap is to drop the 300ZX engine into them.

Send us some pics when you're done!

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