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Front And Back Bumper 2

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After I started magazine work, I went back to a shop I used to buy parts from and had Chris Hill's crew at Hill 4 Wheel Drive build me some bumpers. A few years back, Chris Hill was killed in an off-road accident, and he will definitely be missed.I liked the front bumper, but it left too much stuff showing. The '94-'01 Dodge was really the first truck that had such a tall bumper with a bunch of integral stuff behind it. This prerunner bumper showed too much of that junk and it would not stay on the truck for long.The rear bumper was a work of art. It had enough mass to it to stop a semi, and with a winch built into it, this package could get my truck out of almost any situation it got itself into. Jeeps and trail rigs put winches in front so they can go farther on the trail. The only way I wanted to go once I got stuck is back out the way I came.