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Changed Rear Shocks

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Van Gaale and I finally changed the rear shocks too. I had put Fox coilovers in the front three years before, but I still had the Rancho shocks in the back because I had not decided if I had wanted to cut through the bed yet. Instead of cutting through, we tried to make new shock mounts and install something long enough to get some decent travel. We failed with these 12-inch 2.5 Fox shocks that only had about three inches of up-travel before bottoming out. The hydraulic bumpstops would barely be touched before these shocks would bottom outThat rear axle under the National leaves is a Currie Dana 60 that I bought while I was still in college (man, I had good credit card debt back then). It was filled with a spool (cheaper than an open diff or a locker), 4.56 gears, and had Wilwood disc brakes on it.