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Ford F150 Raptor SVT

Posted in Features on August 1, 2009 Comment (0)
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Ford F150 Raptor SVT
Photographers: Ford Motor Corp. and Fox Racing Shox

As media professionals, we occasionally get access to some pretty cool things. Ford and Fox held a special sneak preview event in Santa Barbara, California, that we couldn't pass up. The new Ford Raptor SVT was going to make an appearance loaded up with an all-new Fox suspension system. Would this truck live up to all the hype on the Internet? Is it really going to be everything an off-road enthusiast wants? We headed to Santa Barbara to find out for ourselves.

0908or 08 z+ford raptor svt+side view

Ride and Drive Experience
At first, we thought we would get to spend some time behind the wheel, but unfortunately Ford wouldn't give up the keys--which means our experience behind the wheel is actually from the passenger seat. Our driver did a great job punishing the truck for us giving us a good first impression of the truck. The engine had plenty to offer; full of torque and a good amount of top-end acceleration. Hitting the dirt in Off-Road Mode took us out of the realm of any other OEM truck. Shooting through turns like a drift car with little-to-no body roll was something new from inside a truck body. The ABS system performed almost as if it was off or numbed down not giving the driver any pedal skip or wobble (from what we watched). The 35-inch tires were welcome both through the whoops and landing off jumps. The Fox/SVT suspension will leave aftermarket long-travel fabricators worried. A foot of wheel travel that performs as reliably as most LT kits with a factory warranty? That's going to be tough to beat. So far the truck looks and rides great. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review when we get our hands on one.

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