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Vanco Hydroboost Power Brake System

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A Vanco hydroboost power brake system was installed to help the TJ stop, and stop it does. While the 33-inch tires don't require a hydroboost to improve braking, the advantages offered by the Vanco unit make it a great addition even with the smaller tires. The pedal pressure required is greatly reduced and brake modulation feels fantastic. The hydroboost is a hydraulically-operated booster and master cylinder and runs off the power steering pump. Naysayers told us that, "Hydroboosts don't work because you can't steer when you're applying the brakes in vehicles with pumps not designed for them!" Nonsense. When we drove the TJ that still had its stock power steering pump, we noticed no difference in the steering when braking. The only difference was the superb braking. We'll go so far to say that if Vanco makes a hydroboost kit for your vehicle, get it!