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October 2009 Off-Road Unloaded

Posted in Features on October 1, 2009
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Get Involved And Clean Up!
Let me express my heartfelt thanks for your OFF-ROAD Rant in the June '09 issue. You hit the nail on the head, and tell it like it really is. Hopefully 15 percent of your readers will follow your advice and take out more trash than they bring in - that's what we do.

I thought I'd share some of the cleanup work our association focuses on. Please check out these websites.

Best Regards,
Steve Edmunds
Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association

Thanks for the links, Steve! Hopefully, our readers will get on those 'sites and check out how they can get further involved.

Keep It Clean!
Kudos to you my friend. Thanks for putting this is print and in your medium (referring to the June 2009 Rant). I am so sick and disgusted by having to pick up other people's trash day in and day out. It saddens me that some people out there have such little self-respect and dignity that they don't even clean up after themselves. The old backpacking motto "pack it in, pack it out" should be part of everything we do in our lives. Whether off-roading or hiking in the wilderness, it is up to us as individuals to care for our environment. Unfortunately, the ones who need to pay attention to your article are the ones that probably cannot read your OFF-ROAD Rant. Anyways, I will continue to carry a Jeep-full of bags to wherever I may go to pick up after morons like you encountered on the trail. Again, thanks for bringing the littering problem to our attention. It gives me hope that my efforts are not wasted. Love the magazine!
Leonard Braun
Via Email

Proud Powerstroke Parent
Hey guys, I just read the May issue, and I wanted to say that this is why I renew my subscription every year. My ride is a '99 Powerstroke Super Duty with 37-inch Coopers and a lot of other extras. Oh yeah-and 400,000 miles on it! It is driven hard, daily.

Anyways, of course I love all of the 1-ton articles, but you guys cover everything. 'Just wanted to say thanks for all the tech articles and the variety of information you guys provide.
Jason Post
West Virginia

P.S. One more thing-since August of 2008, my truck has been running on used vegetable oil from some local restaurants and it still runs great!

More Wattage With Factory Wiring?
I removed the stock front bumper which had factory fog lights, and installed a new winch bumper that would not take the factory lights. My question is, "What are the biggest wattage aftermarket lights I can install with out smoking my wiring?" I like the existing stock fog light switch built into the turn signal.
Bob Goble
Long Beach, California

Bob-I checked with some folks at Chrysler for this one, because I didn't want to be responsible for your truck torching itself if the wattage was indeed too much. Here's what they had to say:

"Nothing over the stock wattage lamps are a good idea. The wiring is engineered for specific duties. If you consider the relays and switches, it's not worth it to risk using the stock wires for anything more. Suggest rewiring the lighting system if you want to go big."

With that being said, you could go to an HID light in place of the factory halogens. If you did go with an HID conversion, you could run 35-watt HIDs that only draw a few amps of power when running and wouldn't put near the strain of a 100-watt halogen bulb on your factory wiring.

Letters Of The Month
This month, everyone who wrote in and had their letter published is receiving a copy of Fighting from Universal Home Video. You'll like the DVD, but don't get any ideas! Go take your anger out on the dirt instead.

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