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2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited - Special Ed

Right Front Angle
Phil Howell | Writer
Posted January 1, 2010

Ed Fisher's Salvaged JK Unlimited Is Exceptional

Ed Fisher of Hyde Park, Utah, is at it again. You've seen some of his other Jeeps in these pages, as his projects are always interesting. Ed recently called and told us he was buying a salvaged JK to build that had a small ding on the passenger side. Our curiosity about why a JK with a "small ding" in the side would be salvage was satisfied when the Jeep arrived. The passenger side was caved in from the rear of the front door back. Not to worry, Wolford Collision Repair in Logan, Utah, quickly had the Wrangler back to perfect condition.

Ed had Mount Logan Off-Road do the rest of the work and ended up with an exceptional JK Unlimited. He's taken it to Moab a number of times and reports it works the best of any Jeep he's owned. During the photo shoot, the JK performed very well and impressed us. This Jeep has turned out to be one of those projects where all the parts work together to create a special vehicle. The photos tell the story.


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