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January 2010 4xForum - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Features on January 1, 2010
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More 22RE Power
Q: I am looking for a solution to my Toyota 22RE woes. I have done about as much top-end work as I see fit; i.e. LCE throttle body, Downey headers to 2-inch exhaust, new fuel delivery system with cleaned injectors, ported head with a 261 cam, and as always a K&N intake. It has approximately 190,000 miles on the odometer. I am running 35s with the standard 5.29 gearing. The trouble begins when climbing all the hills in my home state of Utah. At times it is necessary to drop to second gear to make the summit. Driving at 25 mph is not exactly an ideal speed to make camp by nightfall deep within desert country. I am leaning towards replacing my motor with a DOA or LC Engineering long block unit. I am curious if anyone at the magazine has any insight in to the power delivery of these engines. All I want is to make the summit of Fairview Canyon in third or fourth gear when I am loaded down with camping/four-wheeling gear. I believe Phil Howell will know what I am talking about. From reading his editorials I assume he resides in Utah. I have been an avid reader for years from the first articles featuring All-Pro's Toyota to Kevin Blumer's recent Project Phoenix, and now on to the new Tacoma. Any help with getting me another 20-30 horsepower out of a four-cylinder would be great. By the way, I love all the trail adventure articles. Thanks!
Alex Mongold
Salt Lake City, UT

A: Alex, the first thing that stuck out from your letter was the part about having 190,000 on the odometer. Considering this, I would say yes, a new long-block from LC Engineering or DOA Racing Engines would definitely increase power delivery. Gauging by the list of parts you've already installed I figure you've at least opened the engine and cleaned things up a bit but with that high of mileage any still-in-place original parts are likely holding the engine back a bit. You didn't indicate what type of horsepower your engine currently puts out but a stock 22RE produced about 100-112 hp depending on model year. Some of the available LC Engineering stroker long-block packages create as much as 159 hp at 173 lb-ft torque. That's a significant increase and definitely worth leaning towards. It would certainly help you get out of second gear in the hills. LC Engineering also offers super charger kits for the 22RE engine that can create as much as 30 hp, so this would also be an option in obtaining the 20 to 30 hp you desire out of your existing four-cylinder. Thanks for writing. Good luck.

JK-to-TJ Dana 44
Q: I'm a soldier currently in Iraq. I own a '99 TJ SE and both front and rear axles are stock. I need to upgrade my rear axle. I'm looking at using a 2007 JK rear Rubicon Dana 44. I know and am prepared to weld on new brackets for my TJ suspension. My problem is that axle has the 5-on-5 bolt pattern. If at all possible I want to run the wheels and tires I have now, they are 15x10 steel with 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern. I do not know the back spacing. My first thought is to have the axle shaft's and rotors drilled for 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern. My worry is my Jeep and I will be in Fairbanks, Alaska, and any problems I run into will be very difficult to overcome. I have also read some 15-inch steel rims will fit. I also do not know if my TJ brake line/parking brake lines will bolt into the JK axle. Also with my drum brakes I have now, what issues will I have with my stock braking system. I plan on installing an SYE and getting a custom drive shaft so that will not be a problem. Any information on this install would help a great deal. Thank you for your time.
Spc. Christopher Wright
Arlington, TX

A: Christopher, Dynatrac has already figured this one out for you. In addition to its many performance axle assemblies, Dynatrac now offers new generation JK Dana 44 front and rear axle assemblies that are ready to bolt in to your TJ. The rear JK Dana 44 uses a heavy-duty, standard-cut housing equipped with a 4.10 gear ratio, an electric selectable locking differential, and heavy-duty 12.5-inch disc brakes with parking brake. The brake set up is designed to be compatible with most 15-inch wheels. The Dynatrac JK Dana 44 assemblies are also already outfit with the TJ 5-on-4.5 wheel bolt pattern and TJ suspension brackets and are the stock TJ width, so no additional modifications (aside from any necessary gear ratio change to accommodate tire size) are necessary for installation. Even the 1310 input yoke is compatible with most stock Wrangler driveshafts. The new generation Dynatrac JK Dana 44 rear axle use larger and thicker 3.25x0.313-inch-wall DOM axle tubes and 32-spline axle shafts. This set up should ensure you and your TJ stay operational up in Alaska. For more information, contact: Dynatrac, (714) 596-4461, Stay safe. Thank you for your service to our country.

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