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Top Off Road Trucks of 2009

1974 Chevy Crew Cab Pickup
Jordan May | Writer
Posted January 1, 2010

The Final 4

In early 2008, we introduced to you a new direction for OFF-ROAD Magazine. Continuing to hit our goals for 2009, OFF-ROAD has become a great choice for the best coverage of the most fun you can have in a fullsize and/or high-speed, off-road vehicle. Following suit from last year, we asked our staff to staple photos of every truck that's been in the magazine to their office walls and choose the very best trucks that came out of 2009. It took some time but we finally nailed it down to the top four. You may or may not agree with our choices, but you must agree that each one of these trucks are worth a second look.

Paid In Full
1974 Chevrolet Crew Cab Pickup

When James Hable showed up in Ocotillo Wells, California, for our photo shoot our jaws dropped. We are lovers of fullsize trucks, as you know, and this happens to be one of the coolest we've ever seen. Even the Fonz himself would find this truck too cool for school. James is an off-road guy just like the rest of us and is not rich by any means. He worked hard, saved his pennies, and purchased this '74 Chevy with plans of completing his dream truck with the help of Complete Fabrication. Can you say dream come true? We can. Now when is he going to let us drive it?!


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Vehicle: '74 Chevrolet Crew Cab Pickup
Owner: James Hable
Chassis: Caged from the rear 4130 Chromoly
Engine: 572ci crate motor, 620 hp
Drivetrain: Turbo 400 tranny, Ford 9-inch with 4.56 gears and spool
Suspension: Ford Econoline Van lengthened I-beams custom made, Sway-a-Way shocks, four-link rear suspension
Steering: Howe
Brakes: Gear One six-piston calipers and CNC master cylinder
Tires/wheels: 37-inch BFG Baja T/A tires, American Racing Teflon wheels
Interior: Mastercraft seats, Auto Meter gauges, Lowrance GPS, Momo steering wheel, Racer X communications
Other Parts: Hella HID lights, Autofab fiberglass, custom 65-gallon fuel cell, Fluidyne tranny cooler
Favorite Off-Road Area: Baja, SoCal deserts

Baja Bronco
1989 Ford Bronco

Many of us have aspirations of racing Baja, but sadly looking over our paychecks makes us realize that that dream will never come true. However, John Townsend knew he'd be able to live that dream only by chasing down the trucks rather than driving around the course. With help from Solo Motorsports in Covina, California, they created a noteworthy '89 Bronco built tough from head to toe. The features we love most about this truck is the super clean fabrication, the plush ride, and all of the creature comforts still remaining in the vehicle for daily driving. There's nothing like speeding 80 mph down the highway, jumping on to a racecourse, and driving home all in the same truck.


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Vehicle: '89 Ford Bronco
Owner: John Townsend
Chassis: Ford Bronco OEM, caged 4130 chromoly
Engine: Ford 351W small-block
Drivetrain: Ford C6, Currie 9-inch with 4.56 gears and Detroit locker
Suspension: Solo Motorsports Dana 44 I-beam 4WD front, Solo Motorsports four-link rear, Fox shocks
Steering: Ford OEM
Brakes: Ford and Wilwood CNC
Tires/wheels: BTR wheels, 37-inch BFG Baja T/A
Interior: Lowrance GPS, Kenwood race radio, Mastercraft seats, Crow harness
Other Parts: Hella HID lights, Petronix ignition, UMP intake, 40-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, Auto Meter gauges
Favorite Off-Road Area: SoCal deserts, Mexico, Arizona, Nevada

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