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1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ - Ron Dawg

Right Front Angle
Phil Howell | Writer
Posted February 1, 2010

Ron Barr's Rock and Roll '91 YJ

Logan, Utah, resident Ron "Dawg" Barr is a stucco contractor by day and a Jeeper any other time. Ron Dawg's '91 YJ has been built for extreme 'wheeling and it doesn't disappoint. The Jeep even spends some if its time 'wheeling on its top or sides. We've run a few features on Ron’s friends and you may have noticed they all have "Ron Dawg Recovery Unit" stickers on their Jeeps. Ron Dawg's YJ not only rocks, it rolls.

Ron's not afraid to push the limits every time he goes out. Over the years, his YJ had been built, rebuilt, repaired, rebuilt, added to, etc. It was finally time to clean it up and change some things, so the Jeep was delivered to the crew at Rockworx in Montrose, Colorado.

Rockworx is known for its hard-core vehicle buildups. They boat-tailed the body, left the stroked Chevrolet V-8 and Tera CRD60R front and rear axles alone, and addressed the frame and suspension. Check out the photos to see what they did.

Ron Barr is an excellent driver. During the photo shoot, he was controlled and careful, tackling (and surmounting) some of the hardest obstacles on our photography trail. We never saw the other Ron Dawg, the one that requires his friends to drive recovery units and makes his Jeep do spectacular and legendary things. His YJ is used, used hard, and works. Rock and roll.


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