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1982 Jeep CJ5 - Hound Dog

Right Front Angle
Posted March 1, 2010

If You Can't Play With the Big Dogs…

Hound Dog, a 1982 CJ-5, has lived quite a life. Purchased used by Craig Ross of Montrose, Colorado, it was modified to work on the toughest trails as well as look great. 4WD&SU Magazine did a feature on Craig's Hound Dog in the mid 1990s. Time marches on and Craig started Rockworx, the now-famous shop that builds everything from basic trail rigs to custom buggies. He sold Hound Dog to Nibley, Utah, resident Dave Poulsen, owner of Poulsen Trailer Sales. After driving the Jeep for a few years, Dave wanted some updates made.

What better person to modify Hound Dog than its original owner and his shop? Dave took the CJ-5 to Rockworx and asked them to go to work. They did. What they came up with is a 4x4 that can tackle the toughest trails, yet still looks a bit like the 1982 CJ-5 it started as. The modifications work very well and Hound Dog is an impressive piece of equipment. Hound Dog is once again playing with the big dogs, not sleeping on the porch.

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