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Quarter Elliptic Suspension

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There are a number of leaf spring configurations out there that use the word "elliptical," referring to two circular arcs linked at their tips. A quarter-elliptic suspension uses a leaf spring that's been cut in half, or nearly half. The cut end is typically mounted to the bottom of the frame (upside down) so that the arch is curved down instead of up. The end of the leaf then attaches to a shackle that is mounted directly to the axle tube. A typical leaf spring mounts in front of, and behind the axle and locates it on the vehicle. Leaf springs in a quarter-elliptic suspension provide lift (height) for the suspension only. To locate the axle under the vehicle, the quarter elliptical is used in conjunction with a four-link set-up. Mike was able to get 22 inches of travel out of this setup.