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Off-Road Rant - Editorial - May 2010

Posted in Features on May 1, 2010
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As you look through the pages of OFF-ROAD magazine, do you wonder to yourself, "How can I get in that magazine?!" You're not alone. Every editor wondered the same thing before they became staff members. And we figured the best way to help you out with this query is to answer it as directly as we can.

First and foremost, feel free to send us anything you want! Just don't send us any viruses. Whether it's an entry for Off-Road Rides, a submission for a possible feature on your truck, or you just have a question or a beef with us, please feel free email us with whatever you have got!

If you're sending us information about your truck, try and include as many specs you can think of. There is a decent specification box to follow in the Off-Road Rides department if you look there.

You can get a hold of me at
Jordan can be reached at
And Kevin can be hit up at

And I'll be happy to pass on any emails to any other writers in this magazine.

To send anything via snail mail, try:
OFF-ROAD Magazine
1733 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606

Now, I'd like to offer a little advice on pictures too....

First-off, when you send us a picture of your truck, make sure your entire truck is in the picture! Having only part of your truck in the picture will almost guarantee your image doesn't make it into the magazine. And make sure that there are no poles or trees "growing" out of your truck! That's not cool either.

Next, do not put your dumb ass in the picture throwin' some goofy hand signal. I'm not affiliated with any Rotary Club or gang, and I have no clue what you're trying to impress us with. Any image like this will definitely be left out.

What the hell is this?! I can't even see if it's a complete vehicle or just a Jeep grille and bumper propped up on some tires! Make sure that you have proper lighting when you take the picture. If it's sunny out, keep your back to the sun as you take the picture. It will definitely turn out best this way.

Here are two great shots that we'd definitely put in the magazine. Notice the similarities:

Both images show the entire vehicle, and have nothing "growing" out of them. Both are shot in good light, with the sun to the photographer's back (don't shoot into the sun!). One image has some action in it, and the other is a pretty static shot, but both are good examples of a nice magazine-quality picture.

Unfortunately, sending us a pic of your truck with your topless girlfriend in it is not something we can use in the magazine either, although we do strongly encourage that you still send these pictures in to us. This gets a green checkmark.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how to get material to us and helps you have a better shot at getting your ride into OFF-ROAD magazine!

This month:
We dealt with a bunch of transfer case tech this month. Not only do we have some good ways to beef up your transfer case, we also got a great ID guide that will not only help you identify what your own truck has, but also give you a better idea of what you can swap into your 4x4.

And we finally finished Matilda, our fullsize Cherokee on 47s! Now that it's running and driving, we might be offering up a little challenge to a certain big Viper-powered Durango mud truck in the very near future.... Stay tuned!

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