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1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ - Big Red

Posted in Features on July 1, 2010
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Wikipedia: Mufti, or civvies (slang for "civilian attire"), refers to ordinary clothes, especially when worn by one who normally wears, or has long worn, a military or other uniform.

Big Red, a stretched 1994 Jeep YJ military model, went to South America for service in the Venezuelan army. Over a decade later, the political climate had changed, so Red returned to North America, specifically Burnsville Off-Road, Minnesota, USA.

As the crew at Burnsville went to work helping our friend transition to civilian life, a pair of J8 front and rear ends were procured. As you probably know, the J8s are the latest JK-based military export vehicles. The J8 front Dana 44 housing is much stronger than the JK Wrangler's 44. The disc brakes are larger, too. The J8 rear end is a Dana 60. The 44 up front received 5.38 Sierra gears and a Trac-Loc limited slip. The 60 rear had 5.38 Sierra gears and an ARB Air Locker installed.

To clear 37x13.50R17LT Interco SS-M16 tires mounted on 17x8.5 Pro Comp 1028 alloy wheels, Teraflex JK long control arms work up front with Radflo 14-inch coilovers. In back, BDS 56-inch Chevy truck leaf springs are paired with Bilstein gas shocks.

A BOR hood protects the OE 4.0L six. An Atlas two-speed transfer case with 3.8:1 low range was installed behind the AX15 manual tranny. Tom Wood's Custom Driveshafts built the front and rear CV shafts. GenRight was enlisted to supply the front and rear fenders, rocker guards, corner guards, front and rear bumpers, and gas tank.

When you need on-the-trail repair or fab work done, nothing beats the Premier Power Welder that is mounted under the hood. In fact, Big Red was built to be a competent trail rescue vehicle, so it's also equipped with Warn's biggest 12-volt air compressor, the Air Power VTC, and a Warn Endurance 12.0 winch. Inside, MasterCraft Baja RS seats were covered in camo material in a nod to Red's past. A PSC ram-assist steering system makes turning the YJ easy, no matter where it is.

Big Red works great and can perform as a top-notch rescue Jeep when others are in trouble. This Jeep has taken to civilian life well.

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Vehicle: 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ Military
Owner: Burnsville Off-Road
Hometown: Burnsville, Minnesota
Engine: 4.0L I-6
Induction: MPFI
Transmission: AX15 five-speed manual
Transfer Case: Atlas
Low Range Ratio: 3.8:1
Front End: Jeep J8 Dana 44
Rear End: Jeep J8 Dana 60
Ring and Pinion: 5.38:1
Front Differential: Trac Loc
Rear Differential: ARB Air Locker
Suspension: Teraflex, Radflo front/BDS, Bilstein rear
Tires: 37x13.50R17LT Interco SS-M16
Wheels: 17x8.5 Pro Comp 1028
Backspacing: 4.75 inches

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