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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters To The Editor - August 2010

1995 Ford Ranger
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted August 1, 2010

Letters To The Editor

Can Good Deeds Be Rewarded?
I am responding to your kind email about finding Dan (another reader) his fiberglass fenders. You had asked me if there was anything that you might be able to help me with since I helped him out. Well, I have a '95 Ford Ranger (Betty) that has a crack in either the head gasket or the block. All I know is that there is water in the oil, and obviously I can't drive it. I was wondering if you might know a kind soul who might donate an engine so I can continue driving my faithful vehicle. It was the first truck I ever bought all on my own. I have been religious about maintenance, but it does have 187,000 miles on it. I look at Betty everyday and try to think of a way to fix her. I can't afford a new four-cylinder motor but I just can't seem to let her go. I am emotionally attached to my truck and if anyone knows where I might find an engine that is cluttering up someone's garage, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks for your reply and consideration-it was a surprise and a great feeling! I hope you have many more years with the magazine. I am a faithful reader, as is my husband. We used to take my truck off-road, and she never faltered. A limited slip differential is awesome in a light truck when you want to take the path not many travel. Take care and thanks again.
Warm Regards,
Michelle Holder

Everyone and anyone: If you know of someone who has one of these Ranger four-banger engines taking up space and you want it gone, please email me at Michelle took the time to try and help out a fellow reader who was having trouble finding a part for his truck. If you can help Michelle out, I'll hook you up with some genuine OFF-ROAD gear.

Jerrod, we here at OMF Performance would like to officially object to the "CENSORED" box on the bottom of Page 11 of the May 2010 issue of OFF-ROAD. We expect to see a retraction and the whole picture in the next issue.
OMF Performance

Surprisingly, you're not the only ones to let us know that!

We Goofed!
Great magazine!!! The May 2010 issue has a misprint, though. On Page 45 in the "Picking High and Low Ranges" article, you guys state that the Dana 18, 20, and 300 transfer cases all drop on the driver side-but all three of these transfer cases drop on the passenger side. Love the mag.
Take care.
Via email

Our bad-we all missed that mistake, and you are correct. Thanks for catching us!

Sorry, Frontier Guys!
I must say I am heart-broken today as I open my new issue (June 2010) of your magazine. After waiting month after month to see the progression of Project Two-Face I see the project is over! Well I recently purchased a 2010 Nissan Frontier 2WD crew cab after plenty of Ford prerunners (Rangers, F-150 and, 4 door Explorer). But I am now needing a family ride. I drool over PRG's website, dreaming of the day I can afford to build my interpretation of Project Two-Face with a more sinister approach, all while keeping my truck a family daily driver. So my question is: Is there any future builds or features in the works for us newer Frontier owners?

But if not, I will still be waiting month to month to see what you guys have for us each issue. Keep up the awesome work with the magazine!
Jon Williams
San Diego, California

Jon, I wish I could tell you that we still had our Equator, but Suzuki really wanted it back and found out where we'd been hiding it from them. Though I can't guarantee anything, hopefully we'll run across some more Frontier and Equator features soon. Unfortunately, I think that will be our last Frontier/Equator project vehicle of that generation. But you never know what will happen with the next model!

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