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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters To The Editor - September 2010

Off Road Trucks
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted September 1, 2010

Letters To The Editor

AWD Issues
I am currently building up a 2008 Sierra Denali AWD. Recently I had a 2.25-inch leveling kit installed (roughly 2,000 miles ago) and am now experiencing CV axle failure. Assuming this will be an ongoing issue, I am looking for something stronger than stock. Thus far I have come across RCV Performance and they seem to have an outstanding product, but at $480 each they are expensive. My question to you is do you know of another manufacturer that has an economical replacement? I would need something compatible with future additions like ICON coilovers, BMS upper A-arms, etc. I appreciate your help.
Todd Albrecht
Bradenton, FL

Todd, without personally looking at your truck, I can only guess what your issues are. I've heard of issues with all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles being lifted before. Usually it's a transfer case issue or a front drive issue (like you're having). In your particular instance, I'm guessing that the reason you are having issues (where other trucks with 2WD are not) is because your CV shafts are constantly propelling the vehicle as drive axles. Even though a CV shaft in an IFS 4x4 is always turning, they're not being "powered" or propelled in 2WD. And I'm guessing you'll have the same problem with the coilovers or a leveling kit, even if you use new BMS A-arms (the arms will help with camber though).

And unfortunately, it's not guaranteed the RCV shafts will fix your issue, though they are fine products. The angle may just be too great for those shafts to be constantly driven. I also don't know of any cheaper heavy-duty replacement for the stock CV shafts on your GMC. There are stock replacements available, but it'll just be replacing what you already have.

Old-School Cool
Hey guys! I go way back, to, as they say, back in the day. Riverside Raceway was epic with Vessels, Iron Man, Walker, and for me, Sherman, Balch.... Yeah, I had a Scout (one of those IH weirdos). But near the end of Riverside (before the freakin' mall went in), Sherman won in a Scout with Don Adams, in his Jeep, all over him. And, well...those were the days. Pre-prerunner, pre-Trophy Truck.

Where are the Founders? Larry Schwakafer (spelling?) in his '56 Chevy Bel Air Sedan. He had a Quiver of old '55-to-'56 cars in his pit-all so cool. It makes me want to say the old Cali word that you don't relate to unless you grew up with it: bitchin'. Just plain bitchin'. You and your crew are workin' it, and as a 20-plus year subscriber, thank you for keeping OFF-ROAD, just really....( fill in the "cool" still cool?).
John "Re-subscriber" Clements
Peoria, AZ

P.S. I really miss the '76 Scout-had it from new for 20 years. Don't ask why. I raised two girls, and someday soon I'll get a buggy and I'm gonna see you all at Glamis soon (with grandkids, too)

Rebuildable Ball Joints Any Good?
Hello, I read the article on the Dynatrac Pro Steer Ball joints that were installed in a Dodge Ram 2500 heavy duty truck. I am very interested to know how these joints are holding up so far? Any further "bombing" around the trails of Colorado? I am in dire need of some ball joints and it's between the Dynatrac or the Carli units. I would really appreciate an update (I know it is probably in the works for an up-and-coming issue) but I will be ordering the parts by the end of this week. Please help!
Thanks in advance,
Chad Brebis
Arvada, CO

Chad, right you are! You can find the ball joints in this month's Long-Term Updates. And we have definitely not let up on this truck yet. Besides towing duty, it's still being off-roaded and beat on harder than most diesel trucks. And so far, those Dynatrac ball joints have been holding up excellently. There is no play in them after 10,000 miles of use, and they've never come loose at any point where they are rebuildable. If you're having ball joint issues, I'd suggest trying these out. Unfortunately, we have no experience with the Carli ball joints, so I can't comment on those.

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