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PSC Cylinder Assist

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Currie Enterprises' new CurrectLync JK drag link and track bar have massive ends that can be flipped to the top or bottom and are built using 1.5-inch solid stock. The PSC JK Extreme Duty Cylinder-Assist kit includes everything needed for a successful ram-assist installation. Trailrunner's steering is easy and smooth everywhere. The trademark orange boots come on RCV Performance's patented Ultimate Dana 44 JK Rubicon Front Axle set. Remember when we used to do anything to get rid of Birfields? The RCV Performance CV axles are similar to Birfields in look only. They're smooth, even when turning at full lock, and strong. During testing, they stood up to abuse and, while the CV didn't break, the axle sheared at 7,604 lb-ft, similar in strength to a 35-spline Dana 60 axle. In comparison, the stock JK Rubicon 44 front axle failed at 3,872 lb-ft.