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Arciero Trophy Prerunner

Front Left View
Jordan May | Writer
Posted November 1, 2010

You Can Own One Just Like It!

If you live in the dirt like we do, you have heard the name Arciero-most likely Ryan Arciero. Before Ryan could get behind the wheel, his Uncle Al was taming the desert terrain, winning races in Baja, and competing in a number of the legendary Mickey Thompson Races. With the team soaring and Ryan getting faster and faster, Al, or "Awesome Al" as some around the scene know him, opened a shop that would help transform the team into a prevailing force and secure the family legacy. When you race at the Trophy Truck level, you need a prerunner that is also Trophy Truck caliber. Al's truck has put in more than 3,000 miles prerunning Baja with the T-Force Race Team, returning without any problems. Now that's impressive.


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