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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters To The Editor - December 2010

Letter Of The Month
Posted December 1, 2010

Letters To The Editor

Letters Of The Month
All of this month's letter writers are getting copies of Robin Hood and Get Him to the Greek. Both movies will be out on Blu-ray and DVD by September for you to check out if you weren't one of our lucky letter writers.

Pathfinder Lifting
Hello, I have a '99 Nissan Pathfinder, and I want to know what I would need to put a set of 33-inch tires on 15x10 wheels. I don't know if I should put different shocks under it, or if I can just use wheel spacers. It's a 4x4 and I want to know if the drivetrain will hold up to this size of tire. I enjoy your mag and am just now starting to receive it again.
Jonathan Harris
Madisonville, TN

Jonathan, I think you'd have better luck squeezing 33s onto your Pathfinder if you put 15x8 wheels on instead of 15x10s. Also, wheel spacers will likely not help you with tire clearance, but some suspension spacers might. And your drivetrain should probably hold up to 33-inch tires with no problems (depending on how you drive, of course).

Off-Road matchmaking
Hi! I'm a 29-year-old guy in prison (I get out in 2017). Off-road trucks have always been a big joy of mine, and I have a question: Why don't you show more Chevys? They're the best in my book! Then Dodge, but not Ford!

Also, can you put my info out there to maybe get some off-road lady penpals, please. I've been a subscriber for years and will continue to subscribe. Thanks again for any help on getting me some mail from some Chevy-loving ladies out there.
Brandon R. Bean #CO2328
Graceville, FL

P.S. I'm just a tall, tatted-up country boy who loves to get muddy. I hope you can help out.

Wow, this is definitely the first romantic request I've seen, but we'll pass it on through, Brandon.

As for Chevys, eight of the past 12 covers have featured Chevys. I'm not sure how much more we could do!

Chevy Conversion Clip
In your September 2010 issue on pages 42-43 there is a '73-to-'91 K5 with a 97+ Chevy front grille. What is required to make this swap other then the grill and lights? Does it use the '88-to-'98 hood or the '73-to-'87 hood, or is there a cutting and combining of both of them together? Does the radiator support require a lot of fab work? Any help would be great. Thanks!
Nick Rollins
U.S. Army

The front clip is a Glassworks Unlimited '88-to-'98 conversion clip for '73-to-'87 Chevy and GMC trucks and K5s. The kit comes with two fenders, the hood, and a cowl. You'll need to get an '88-to-'98 Chevy/GMC radiator support and find yourself a radiator as well (we used a custom Flex-a-Lite unit, but a stock '90s one will fit).

You'll need to cut the front frame horns off and fab new ones to support the '90s radiator at the correct height for the front clip. Once all that is done, you'll need to get a stock '90s grille, headlights, and get new harnesses to make the lights work. It's a sort-of intense front clip swap, but it fits nicely and looks cool.

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