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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters To The Editor - January 2011

Chevy Truck
Posted January 1, 2011

Letters To The Editor

New Vs Old
In the September 2010 issue of OFF-ROAD magazine, I posed the question "What would you rather drive-a 'brand new' old truck, or a new truck?" in my Rant. We got flooded with a number of emails and letters from readers telling us what they'd rather drive, and I got a bunch of great ideas on what we should start building next at the magazine. You can find all the letters online on the BLOGS at, and you can add your own thoughts, too.

Most letters held similar sentiments, and after reading every single letter and taking all the advice into account, I think we have a great plan that we'll start within the next few months.

Instead of building either a new truck or an old truck, we're going to build both. Both are going to be built to the same specifications, with the exception of a few electronic babysitters that would be unreasonable to add to an old truck. Both trucks will have solid axles, similar suspension, tires, seats, body configuration...everything. If that new truck has cruise control and GPS, so will the older truck. Over the course of a few issues, we'll build the trucks and run down the costs associated with both builds and add up how much it'll cost you to have either truck. Maybe it really is cheaper to start with an old cheap truck and add a bunch of updated parts to it. Or maybe it's more cost effective in the long run to just swap a solid axle onto a new truck. Whatever the case, we'll find out. Stay tuned.

Vote: Old School
Well to start, I've always had the truck bug. I was especially obsessed with firetrucks as a toddler. I, however, was given a nice car as a teenager, and was very thankful to have my own set of wheels, but felt like I was missing something. So I parked the car every chance I got, to instead drive an old farm truck my stepfather had. The motor had gotten old because it had sat for a while, so it had a built LS1 from my father's friend's drag Camaro. With its half-ton running gear on 33-inch tires, loose steering, and all its funny redneck sticks inside and out. It was great! It had to be the oldest, loudest, and craziest looking thing in the parking lot at school. That's when I fell in love with the old '70s body style. A couple teachers even liked the old truck.

A couple years later my parents decided they would get me a graduation present, and I got a truck of my own-an '04 Chevy 2500 with a 6.0L gas motor, 4L80E transmission, 14-Bolt rear axle, and lifted 9 inches with 20s and street tires. I had Weld Rims and Boggers put on after working at a tire shop where I live. I have so many fond memories of that truck riding around town like in the old farm truck. It's just great to think of how much fun it is to own a truck.

As you can see, I've had time to experience both sides of this issue. But as for a winner, I would have to say the older, the better! I would love to find a nice, well taken-care-of old Chevy pickup at a car lot than buy a brand new truck. More specifically, an '86 Chevy Custom Deluxe K30 4x4.

But my decision could just be because I'm only 20. I just know as long as it's a Chevy, you can't go wrong.
Dallas Hoop

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