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1955 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck - Clean Green Chevy

Rear Right View
Jay Kopycinski | Writer
Posted February 1, 2011

Peter's Vintage Iron Roostin' Sand

Peter Verboom Jr. has owned the truck you see here for more than 25 years, yet that's less then half the life of this Chevy 3100 pickup that came from the factory back in 1955. We ran into Peter on a recent trip to the Oceano Dunes in California and knew we had to snap some images and bring you the story about this cool rig. That is....once we chased him down while he was roosting sand from all four corners of this fine vintage Chevy.

Peter bought this truck well over two decades ago and after seeing some desert race trucks, he knew he wanted to build one. He liked the uncommon idea of building what you might consider an "antique" truck. His friends thought he was just a little crazy building a '55, but Peter persisted with his plan and it's produced quite a head turner.

The truck has seen a lot of use over the years as it was built to be run in the dirt. Peter originally built the truck in the '80s and the suspension consisted of Auto Fab-designed leaf springs damped with four Rancho shocks at each wheel. The truck saw plenty of trips prerunning races with friends, chasing in races, and just playing in the sand dunes in Glamis. However, the truck required a lot of maintenance to withstand the duty it was seeing.

In 1997, Peter dropped the truck off with Chris Robinson, trophy truck builder and owner of CST Performance Suspension for a total rebuild and upgrade to more easily handle the rigors of off-road use, though it's always been kept street legal as well. Then in 2009, it was again refreshed to the condition you see on these pages, and now it moves faster and flies more than ever!


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