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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters To The Editor - April 2011

Lucky Tiger Products
Posted April 1, 2011

Letters To The Editor

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Cell-Phone Drivers
I just got finished with the January 2011 Rant, and I can't agree more. I am a local sworn law enforcement officer in the Los Angeles area, and I just happen to be assigned to traffic on a motorcycle. I am the victim of a person on a cell phone knocking me off the police motorcycle. The driver claimed he didn't see me and that I came out of nowhere. Well, he did not see me because he was preoccupied with his phone buried in his left ear instead of paying attention to the road. The resulting traffic collision (fortunately for me) left me with only a rib contusion, although it hurt for the next three months. The current California cell-phone law is weak. It is not considered a moving violation at this time and the fine with court fees is only about $110. I can tell you that I write at least eight to 10 cell-phone tickets per day, and get every excuse (and lie) in the book.
Via email

Wow, sorry to hear of your close call! And I'm glad that you were okay and still able get that guy.

I can only imagine the type of ticket that comes with taking an officer off his bike.

And thanks much for handing out those cell-phone tickets and making our streets safer and less congested.

The Green Hot Rod
Peter Verboom's green Chevy hot rod truck on the cover of your February 2011 issue is awesome! My only complaint is that I want to see more pics. You guys are cheap-asses for not showing more pics of it! Couldn't you afford any more pics of that thing?
Wiser Miser
Portland, OR

Uh, thank you? And who says we're not going to show more pics of it? You might always see a two-page spread of it in the future.

So, have you gotten grief over the arse you put into February 2011's issue in the Off Road Expo coverage yet? It was tasteful enough-keep up the good work.
Via email

No complaints yet, Ian! And that was good work, wasn't it?

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