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Mighty Mopar: 1975 Dodge W100 Photos

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Cody’s Dodge is street legal, licensed, and insured. The Mopar fanatics went nuts over the truck when he took it to Hot August Nights in Reno last summer. To keep the W100 street legal, the stock steel cab and doors were retained. The Dodge still has full glass, including windshield wipers, so Cody can keep playing in the rain when the buggies and quads head back to the trailer. Chromoly tubing and Dzus fasteners were used to hang the Trailer Products Walker Evans fenders and bedsides on the truck. Fiberglass helps keep the overall weight just over 4,000 pounds; remarkable considering the NP205 transfer case, full frame, steel cab and doors. Most of that weight is up front in the iron block Mopar V-8, as the bed of the W100 is completely bare, save for the 25-gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell, spare tire, and B&M transmission cooler mounted on the tube work.
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