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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - September 2011

Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted September 1, 2011

Letters To The Editor

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Letters of the Month

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Not All GPS Units Are the Same!
I just received my Lowrance Elite-5M Baja Off-road GPS Chartplotter—don’t waste your time with one of these units! First, it came without a mounting bracket. I am not sure I got what I ordered, as the manual talks about mounting a sonar transducer. There seems to be no way to upload contour maps unless you use the Navionics cards, which are only good if I want to drive my Jeep in lakes or coastal waters. There is no way to pre-run off-road routes, set waypoints, and download this information and send it to the rest of my team. I think what I got from Lowrance is something far less than advertised—what I have is a large screen TomTom. If you can’t pre-run trails, set up waypoints, and share them with team members via uploads, then it’s useless. I’m very disappointed! This is definitely a marine unit and not an “off-road” unit as advertised by Lowrance!

Declan McLaughlin
Pensacola, Florida

Declan, thanks for the advisement. And for speaking your mind and trying to help the rest of us out, you’re getting hooked up with some Bubba Rope.

While GPS complaints are being made, let me make my own: Why do GPS units not have RCA outlets on the back of them? It would be so simple and a great way to add another screen so the driver could easily see an auxiliary screen while the copilot has the main unit in front of them.

My second GPS beef: When is there going to be a GPS unit that I can use for everyday highway driving and then use for recreational off-road use as well? I want one unit that can do it all instead of a fixed dash GPS device and then another small unit suction-cupped to my windshield.

Come to the Dark Side!


I am 14 years old, and I have always loved anything with an engine and wheels. I loved trail rigs, and always dreamed of building one…that was until I picked up my first copy of OFF-ROAD magazine. Now, I’m obsessed with prerunners. I hope I can get a Ranger, a F-150, or a ’96 Bronco for my first truck (I’m a Ford/Dodge guy). The perfect truck for me is a ’92-to’05 Ford Ranger…maybe with a Camburg suspension, General Grabbers, ‘caged from tip to tip, with some custom bumpers and stroker V-8. Big dreams, huh?

Brandon Dufala
Morrison, Colorado

P.S. Can you run a story in the near future showing what coilover suspension is and how it works?

Brandon, we’re stoked to hear that you want to build a prerunner. They’re a ton of fun, and you can still get through a lot of good trails if you make a 4WD prerunner. Out in Colorado, you don’t have as many wide-open expanses of desert as we do in the Southwest, but a prerunner truck is still a ton of fun on fire roads, wider trails, and ranch roads. Plus, a properly-built prerunner will still handle great on the streets! Since you’re out in Colorado, I urge you to check out the off-road racing at Colorado Off Road Extreme OHV Park. You can find information about it at Take your friends and go check it out!

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