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December 2011 4xForums - Letters To The Editor

Posted in Features on December 1, 2011
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I look forward to reading about the project Chevy Colorado truck that will be built for backcountry exploring. I own a 2006 Colorado crew cab Z71 4x4 that I use for that same purpose. One accessory I can definitely recommend is the Undercover brand hard shell tonneau cover. It’s weather tight, lockable, strong as an ox, and the built-in battery-operated light is handy, too. It has turned the 5-foot bed into a huge locking trunk, and increased my highway mpg by 10 percent, too!

Keep your project rigs sensible, and not "overbuilt," please! I like reading about low-buck DIY projects, quality accessories for both the vehicle and outdoor recreation, and practical enhancements to my 4x4.

I would really like to see a project trailer built for camping. Not an Aussie style expedition trailer, but an off-road “teardrop”-type trailer, but boxier, with a roof rack to haul a canoe, and a storage spot for a 2hp outboard motor. I envision room to sleep just one comfortably, solar-powered roof vents, and an outdoor kitchen, like the teardrop-style trailers have.

I also like travel coverage stories. Some of my dream trips are: from Key West, Florida, up to as far north as I can go into Canada. An east to west, coast-to-coast trip of the United States, but as much as possible on dirt roads, or two-lane blacktop, when needed. I would also like to drive from east to west in Canada, the same way, heading west all the way to Alaska.

Thanks for the great mag, keep up the good work.

Dave Kraft
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Dave, we like your style. Your ideal trips sound…well, ideal. We also like your idea for the trailer. Please keep us posted if your plan comes to fruition. We’ve often thought that a military-style trailer with a pop-up rooftop tent would be a great set up (like the Ironman 4x4 tent we reviewed in the September 2011 issue). Plenty of room below the tent in the trailer bed still and you could even get a canoe atop the tent if desired. We also featured a home-built trailer towed behind a Jeep JK in our November 2011 issue. This was a neat setup with unending possibilities.

Concerning over-built rigs, we learned to drive off-road in under-built vehicles and they nearly always got us from point A to point B. Though some of the rigs you’ll see in 4Wheel Drive Magazine from time to time will be built for ultra-extreme use we always strive to balance that out with something for our readers who don’t have the time and money to build, or simply don’t have the desire for, “over built” 4x4s. If you think we get off balance please don’t hesitate to let us know. That goes for all of you loyal readers out there. If you like or dislike the content let us know. We’ll do our best to keep your interest. Thanks for your letter, Dave. Happy ’wheeling.

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