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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - January 2012

Twisted Metal Offroad
Posted January 1, 2012

Letters to the Editor

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Remember, we’re giving away swag every month to the author of our favorite letter. Be sure to include your address, so we know where to send your goods.

This month, everyone who had his or her letter published is getting a copy of Rusty Pickups, American Workhorses Put to Pasture by Mike Harrington. We have a copy, and we can tell you firsthand that this is such a cool book that you’ll not want to put it down until you’re done. The book checks in on a number of old pickups in their final resting places, and offers some original auto manufacturers’ advertisements in the pages as well. You can find a copy for yourself at your local bookstore or by going onto and finding a store.

International Help from Strangers

I have a story I would like to share. I’d like to reward the people involved, but I’m not sure how. I hope you might be able to offer a suggestion or two.

Today I received my wallet. It was returned to me fully intact. The real story though, is how my wallet made its way back to me.

On the last day of our journey home from the 2011 Rip to the Tip, I managed to lose my wallet with all my cash and credit cards in El Rosario. El Rosario is located about 250 miles south of the U.S.-Mexican border in Baja. Worse than losing my wallet was that I didn’t even realize it was gone until we were staging for the border crossing at Tijuana...stupid, stupid, stupid!

At that point, I didn’t have the cash or time to make it back to where I last had it. I placed a panicked phone call to the Baja Cactus Hotel in El Rosario where we had last stayed the night, and talked with Antonio Murillo, the hotel owner. He told me they had found my wallet! (Insert deep sigh of relief here.) Of course, I had written its contents off as lost at this point. I had over $1,000 in it and access to thousands more via my credit cards. This wallet was given to me 25 years ago by my grandfather before he died. It’s been in my possession every day since until now. It contains irreplaceable items and memories. I value it far more than any money it may contain.

After talking with Antonio at the hotel, I told him to take whatever cash from the wallet he felt was needed and to please mail it to the address on my driver’s license—also in my wallet. He said he would, though I had doubts that I would ever see my wallet again. The other chase guys (my traveling companions) told me Antonio was solid and that the Desert Assassins has an awesome relationship with both him and the Baja Cactus Hotel. I was sure Antonio was solid, but what about everyone else who would or had handled my wallet? Customs? Mexican or American postal employees? I still had my doubts.

A few days later I received a phone call from Celia at saying she was in contact with Antonio and he had my wallet in his possession. He had found my Binational membership card in my wallet and had called them to aid in the safe return of my wallet. Celia worked with Antonio to have my wallet hand delivered by Antonio to her office in Chula Vista, California, and from there shipped UPS to me in Arizona.

The selfless effort of perfect strangers to rectify my careless act has renewed my faith that most people are good and honest, and that displays of great character are possible anywhere. Thank you Antonio and the Baja Cactus Hotel of El Rosario, Baja California. Thank you Celia. Thank you

Ken Neal
Mesa, Arizona

Fullsize Supporter

Great Rant (about fullsize trucks in the September 2011 issue)! Here is a picture of my fullsize ‘06 Power Wagon. It’s still under construction, but modifications as of now consist of a Rancho suspension system, 40-inch Goodyear MTRs , Dynatrac Pro Steer ball joints, a Dyntrac free spin kit, a K&N high performance air intake kit, a Superchips flashpaq, a Magnaflow custom exhaust, a Kenwood/Infinity 1200 watt sound system, Katzkin leather interior, and a vinyl floor. My future modifications are to upgrade steering with a Pure Performance system or a Thuren system with PSC ram assist, Flex-a-lite fan, custom rock rails, and interior cage.

John Doughtie
Bailey, NC

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